Planning an Infrastructure/Structured Cabling Systems

Planning_mainWherever communications are needed, a cabling infrastructure is required to support it. A Structured Cabling System solution provides all the communications cabling for an entire building in a unified and structured manner, allowing the flexibility for every user to connect to data (computer) and voice (telephone) services or even video (CCTV).

One of the key selling points of a structured cabling system is its ability to overcome the problems associated with ‘churn rate’ which is the average frequency that each person in an office moves location in a year, typically thought to be around 70%. For this reason, buildings are often ‘flood wired’, whereby more outlets than are initially required are installed, an ideal way of future proofing and allowing for expansion.

Structured (copper) cabling relies on patch panels to feed individual workstations, thus allowing for easy changes in configuration & distribution to be made. Rearrangements are therefore simply catered for at virtually no extra cost. Cabling is run through to each user position and back to a central comms area. At the user end, RJ45 outlets (similar in appearance to telephone outlets) can be presented in various ways.

Planning_socketsEach outlet is allocated a unique ident number that will correspond with an outlet in the comms area. Fly leads can then be run from the outlet to the user device and then ‘patched’ from the comms area outlet to the network hub, telephone switch or other electronic equipment.

Engineers are City & Guilds qualified the professional installation and testing of Datacommunications (Copper) Cabling and Fibre Optic Cabling for Datacommunications & Telecommunications. All equipment used during installation and maintenance contracts is fully serviced and has a valid Calibration Certificate where appropriate, thus making sure that all results are to an optimum standard.

Furthermore, should it be a requirement, we have the capability to provide system maintenance, whether it be part of an agreement or a routine system check, to ensure networks continue to operate at the optimum performance levels.

Engineers can be discretely supplied for sub contract work, working under the banner of your company using non-logo vehicles and plain working clothes.

RATES and TERMS & CONDITIONS are available upon request.

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