Laser Based Free Space Optical Wireless Links / Wireless Local Area Networks

Quite often, Networks rely on fixed cabling links in order to communicate. Where this fixed  cabling method is not practical, there exist solutions for both Outdoor and Indoor applications, examples of which are shown below.

Outdoor Optical Wireless Link
Optical wireless links are fast becoming the communications solution between two locations where a clear line of sight, up to a distance in excess of 2km exists. In such cases, they offer extensive cost savings over leased lines. They also offer the ideal solution where fixed cabling may not be possible. They offer better security than other wireless link options like Radio or Microwave and require no special license for installation and use. Their ease of set up makes them cost effective not just for permanent links but also for temporary installations. Laser Based Free Space Optical Wireless Links are robust and maintenance free (requiring only an occasional clean of the glass window on the head) and offer speeds in excess of 1Gbps. They are also capable of duplex voice and data links and high quality analogue video transmission.

Indoor Wireless Local Area Networks
In buildings where fixed cabling is not an option, for example a listed building, there exists an option to create a networking infrastructure based purely upon wireless technology or a mixture of both wired and wireless. BP Communications can design and install a complete wireless networking infrastructure for both 11Mbps (IEEE802.11b) and 54Mbps (IEEE802.11g) wireless networks.

Wireless LAN Access Point
An Access Point allows wireless devices to attach to a wired network or can be the central point in a completely wireless network. The access point can act as a Media Access Control ( MAC ) bridge between wired networks and single/multi LAN wireless networks. The devices provide a high level of security for data and privacy during wireless connectivity, using 64 or 128 bit WEP encryption and MAC address filtering. They also include a DHCP server to dynamically assign IP address to wireless clients, making it an ideal solution for quickly creating and extending a wireless LAN .

wireless cardsWireless LAN CardBus PC Cards
These CardBus PC Card fits the standard laptop 32-bit CardBus (PCMCIA) slot to enable a wireless connection to the network.

  • Supports PC Card hot swap and true Plug & Play
  • Capable of up to 128 bit WEP encryption for data security
  • Supports Win 98SE/2000/ME/XP
  • Available in 11Mbps and 54Mbps versions
  • Easy to install and configure

Wireless PC Card
32bit PCI wireless cards that install quickly and easily into desktop PCs for wireless connectivity.

  • IEEE802.11b (11Mbps) compatible
  • Capable of up to 128 bit WEP encryption
  • Compliant with PCI standard
  • Dipole antenna supplied

Wireless USB Dongle
Ideal for laptop connectivity, these 11Mbps wireless dongles simply plug into a USB port for wireless connectivity.

  • IEEE802.11b (11Mbps) and IEEE802.11g (54Mbps) versions available
  • Capable of up to 128 bit WEP encryption

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