Fibre Optics Disadvantages

In order to present a balanced picture, it is important that we also look at the drawbacks of using fibre optics.

Specialist skills needed
Specialist skills are required for the installation of fibre optics, especially in the terminating and testing phase. BP Communications Ltd are specialist in this field and have Engineers trained with the specialist skills required.

Cost of installation
Although prices are reducing all the time for much of the equipment, the cost are still higher than for copper cabling installations.

Cost of transmission equipment
The cost of converting an electrical signal into an optical signal for transmission down a fibre, and the added cost of converting it back into an electrical signal is much more expensive than sending an electrical signal down a copper cable..

Fibres cannot carry power
Electrical power cannot be carried along a fibre. This has important implications for fibre to the subscriber , where at the moment the electricity needed to make the telephone work is provided down the wire from the exchange.

Because of the enormous information carrying capacity of fibre, there is a tendency to ‘put all your eggs in one basket’. This means that a fibre fault can result in catastrophic loss of communications. Fibres are often though of as being very fragile, however they are in fact surprisingly strong, particularly under tension.

Myths and disinformation
For some people, fibre optics is still viewed as a black art. At BP Comms, we aim to remove the myths and provide real independent, accurate information.