Direct Termination

There are a number of methods which may be used to terminate a fibre into a connector. The following are among those that we can carry out:

Epoxy and Polish
The fibre is glued into the ferrule using a heat curing epoxy, excess fibre is scribed off and then the remaining fibre and any epoxy is polished off to leave a mirror finish. Used in Multimode and Singlemode applications.

Benefits – well established and proven technique Provides good performance and long term reliability.
Drawbacks – lengthy termination cycle Fairly high skill level required Power required for curing oven.

TA ‘Crimp, Cleave & Polish’ connector launched in the UK by AMP in 1992. They eliminate the use of conventional epoxy and only require one grade of polishing film. The connectors have pre-loaded ‘dry’ adhesive and excess fibre is cleaved off close to the end face using a special tool, so only minimal.