Digital Surveillance

digital surveillanceBP Communications Ltd can offer Event Driven Digital Surveillance (EDDS) and Access Control systems Nationwide.

The digital surveillance systems which incorporate this software can run easily of existing Local Area Networks (LANS) and because the system does not use video, the bandwidth requirements are very small and the performance of the network is not compromised. All cameras can be accessed by any networked computer or even remotely via the internet. The systems that can be installed are ideal for Schools, Colleges and Nurseries.

Vision IP
VisionIP provides a new approach to digital surveillance. The system is extremely easy to use and runs on a standard office PC. Instead of using video, VisionIP takes an innovative approach using existing technology and digital network cameras to take high quality still pictures of intruders at the rate of 2 per second. This means that all movement is effectively captured, as in cinematic film. The quality of every picture is good and the system need never become overloaded, as could be the case with multiple-camera, video systems.

Nursery monitoring systems (Safeguard)
SafeGuard is an extremely effective surveillance and security system which has been designed to meet the specialised requirements of nurseries and childcare centres.
It provides busy managers and staff with the “peace of mind” that comes from knowing that all activities within the nursery will be photographed and stored securely, for up to 90 days. In the event of an incident, SafeGuard provides an automatic visual record to support the standard reports.

Access IP
RedHand AccessIP is an Event Driven Access Control system. It takes full advantage of emerging technology to change the way in which Security and Access Control is delivered, consisting of Card Readers and Door Magnets/Catches plugged directly into your IP Network. This, together with centrally managed software, delivers a dramatic reduction in installation costs and ongoing maintenance charges. The system can be hosted on any office PC and the communication to the Card Readers is carried out entirely on the existing business network infrastructure. As a result, installation costs, cost of ownership and risks associated with obsolescence are greatly reduced.

ChildAlert is part of the Safe Guard suite of software products specifically designed to improve the security and safety of Nurseries. It uses advanced, ‘active RFID’ technology to warn staff that a child may have wandered outside the nursery premises.

AssetIP is a member of the RedHand suite of software products aimed at the security market. It uses active RFID tags, which when fixed to an asset emits a code if it is disturbed. AssetIP is invaluable in Art Galleries, Museums etc.


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